I have done almost complete html5,css3 and little bit javascript, jquery ,mysql, php...But problem is with me that i also learnt wordpress for making websites,,,,now i want to make a website for myself but can i make a website as i wanted by using wordpress because i know i can make website of my wish by using languages but i'm confused about wordpess.....what do you suggest.. i should make site using WordPress... or wait my self until i got full languages control .....any Suggestions with reasons or experience

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It is good to have knowledge of both wordpress and Web development under your belt. Don't get confused. Just venture out in this huge world of internet with what you want to say. Go and start developing your own php & MySql application for a dynamic website, it is far more better than using WordPress in my opinion. I have also used wordpress. But, as you are a novice in web development there can be nothing more better than putting your knowledge in practial form. Maybe you are reinventing the whole wheel or sometimes you may get stuck somewhere but, we are here to help you. Also to note, that always try to use new HTML 5 tags like section, article, etc.

Maybe you'll find this helpfu.....!!!!!

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i really appreciate your reply.
i want to go to website earning side...therefore i was thinkning of making a website using wordpress because it's shortcut as well as easy for me.
can my goal be possible of earninig by making a site through wordpress.

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Yeah. Absolutely. Your goal of earning through a website can become possible if you are truly devoted and dedicated to what you do. Just on piece of advice, don't try to earn through shortcut methods. No matter how hard it is to earn even a single rupee. Even to earn honestly one rupee, you had to work hard for a year, do it. At sometimes you may find that your hard efforts are not going in the direction you want them to go, this has happened with me and I failed, but do not fear of failure. Eventually you will earn. Don't hesitate. Be an entrepreneur, you are novice, just know in order to fly, you first fall and then learn how to take big flight.....

Start your development with great dreams.....

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