I wonder how much does it cost to host my own webinar. For example: if I want to host my own webinar, knowing that I already have a PC, is it enough to set up free webinar program in that PC and then purchasing a domain name ? Am I good to go ? Assuming that I do it in my own house, and I already schedule the webinar for marketing presentation once a week.

Therefore, I do not need a data center since I only going to use the PC for webinar once a week.

What does anyone think?

(this is my way out since renting a PC in webhoster datacenter is really expensive). Most webhoster only provide web hosting not webinar. Therefore if I want to set up my own webinar - program I have to rent a PC in a datacenter.

I think it would be easier to use a service like gotomeeting. Setting up a dedicated server for hosting webinars would be expensive (hardware, software). However I did find an artical on tutsplus