I have three folders in my project named as apache, php and mysql. I want to update my php,apache and mysql to latest version but I do not want to reinstall all the system again. My system works in this way that we copy all the folders and install the services. Can anyone tell me that how can I update the existing files with the new updated patches. I have searched a lot but not able to find any solution. The only thing I know is that to update apache I need to download the binary files and then I can update it.
Thanks in advance

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Which OS are they install on?

If you're on any Linux OS, you'd usually get something like this: sudo apt-get/yum update [package]. Speak with your host if you're unsure.

I am using window os

is it installed in Program Files or is it somewhere in the root drive e.g. c:/yourWAMP?


put this on a new php page



direct your browser to this page..

What is the value of the compiler used in your current PHP? Normally, php 5.x.x are compiled with MSVC9 (Visual C++ 2008).

If your PHP version is compiled with MSVC9, then it is just a matter of replacing the entire PHP directory with the latest PHP compilation.

Although this is possible, I have some reservation if this will work on your case. The reason is that all of the latest PHP versions after 5.4.x are compiled with VC11.

Again, experimentation is not forbidden. YOu may try doing it with the VC11 compilation, but make sure to have a good back-up of your old PHP directory.

Use only **thread safe **compilation.

Make sure to make a back-up of the entire PHP directory, before attempting to replace it with the lates PHP compilation.

Here the screenshot to make points much clearer.


The PHP extensions on the left are compiled with VC11 for the PHP version 5.6.3, while on the right side are compiled with VC9. Noticed the difference? The different files (e.g eaccelerator, apc, and many other important extension for PHP's functionalities), you can find more information about those extensions here.

One problem that you maybe facing here is to find extension that are in your current PHP versions compiled with VC11.

You just need to experiment and see if it will work. Hoping, that VC9 compiled extensions are no different than the VC11 extensions as far as functionality is concern.

If you are brave enough, try compiling your own PHP flavor using this guide. The guide requires VC12 and Some PHP extensions like ffmpeg, mp4box requires MingGW

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