Hi WebDev Guys,

Ok, I have a very general question as the title suggests. I am very much a back-end developer and have only dabbled in web development. I would consider myself a total ammature when it comes to Web Development though am confident after playing with PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 and with my Android\VB.Net and Java ecxperience should be able to get a grasp of things behind the scenes quite happily.

This is where I'm at at the moment A Simple Demo I think I've figured out how to use Divs and basic CSS3 but am now looking for direction in the following fields. (Note: My front end design skills are appauling with any technology, server or client)

I'm not looking for source guys, just direction in what technologies you think I need to persue in order to achieve the following.

I don't know where to start? I'm going to throw some words around in hope you guys will know better then I, what I'm actually talking about.

One Database online, Two Access Methods

  1. Web Access
    The user can login, manage settings, preferences, account information etc online

  2. PC Software Access
    There can be a "back-office" PC\Android based piece of software which can access this database. Even a user based pieve of software which let's them access their data from the sever database.

What I seem to be missing is the technology (ideally a single one ASP.NET?) that links Web-Server Database-PC Software

I understand how frustrating this type of question is. So I do apreciate anyone taking the time to lead me in a direction.

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Were I writing something like that, I'd link the web access and application access with a web service.

  • Web Service: WCF
  • Web Access: ASP.NET
  • Application: WinForms or WPF
  • Mobile: Whatever WSDL consumption API is available for the supported language.

Fortunately this is not a projdect I'm starting anytime soon, this is me preparing myself for said future project\requirement.

Would you be able to provide a one sentance description of what WCF and ASP.NET does\is and what their roles are.

Basically a dummy description if you will for my brain to latch onto.

Put simply, ASP.NET does web pages and WCF does client/server communication.

commented: Thank you. +3

Brilliant. Thanks.

Two more books I need to pur-chase dang it!

One last question based on these two technologies, is there anything I need to be aware of server-side-requirents wise?

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