Hi I was working on creating a video tutorial website. Which will have membership access. I am not sure which will be the best to use for a video provider. I was leaning toward jwplayer solely to store the videos and encrypt them or amazon to store video and jw player to play them, I was also looking at vimeo but the downfall with vimeo is people can download the videos by viewing the source code. I want to future proof this I don't want bandwidth to be an issue and cause video issues. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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I have seen video's being played on faceboook slow enough on low bandwidth that we have to close the window without watching them.Till now my best experience is uploading video on youtube and then Embedding them on your website .YOutube videos play at low bandwidth also.Second thing is if your website is not accesiable still you can create your own channel on youtube and they can subscribe for same.
Creating your own code for the same also dosent work better than youtube embedding.

If you want to get help in playing a particular video i can .I am working on one project .

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Jwplayer unfortunately doesn't seem like a viable option for me as they want 200 a month and I am just starting up. I need the videos to be hd because the buttons and menu options are small in 3d programs. I think I will try the vimeo pro out since I know newmastersacademy.org uses this for their stream and I have memebership there and have seen it in action. The other solution would be amazon web services and then pay a developer to assisng a special token per session to the videos so people can right click and save the videos. I am going to do more research nonetheless before I make any drastic decisions.

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