I've noticed recently there is a javascript tag generated in html code only while viewing page

<script type="text/javascript" src="6_S3_"></script>

search for it in file but couldn't find it, and am worried about this.

Copy all files to localhost and check if there is same behaviour.

Sorry my magic ball is in the shop for repairs, so please at least try to give us a clue to what you're on about.

How do you mean generated? Have you saved a HTML file and you've opened it in a browser and found that? Are you certain it's not in the HTML file? Do you see it in all browsers? ...

What tools are you using to generate your PHP? This doesn't happen "auto-magically".

I see this code only when view source the page, and noticed, not only in my pages , a lot of websites have this code , so I think this generated by some tools installed on office PC, I opened site from my home and saw there is no javascript generated.
thanks for help, but I really need to know which programs cause this.

It's probably just an adblocker or another browser extension that is changing the markup.

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WHen you say "view source the page" do you mean traditional "view source" or viewing the source as in Chrome's "Inspect Element > Elements". The latter will give you an updated DOM after all javascript scripts have been run and may include scripts from browser plugins. Are you using any third party scripts?

@diafol I meant by pressing CTRL+U
but as I told you before its only in Office PC maybe there is some of programs or extension cause this.

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OK, so traditional view source. Are you using the same browser at home and in the office? It may be down to privacy settings set by your workplace. Strange this particular src not documented though.

now am at office and tried different PCs with different OS and all are the same code generated

This is virus. You must on hands to remove js code. And pray not appear