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Amrita: Java Script does not exist.
There is Java, the programming language, and JavaScript.
Some believe that, since their names and parts of their syntax 'look alike' they are related, and, I guess, in a way, you can say they are. Just in the same way that a 'carpet' is related to a 'car'.


i suggest these
1. Java: A Beginner’s Guide (Sixth Edition) -Herbert Schildt
2. Sams Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours
3. Effective Java 2nd Edition:


Keep in mind that Javascript and Java are two different programming languages. Javascript is a "scripting" language which means it only works inside of another program, in this case an internet browser like Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. As another example, the scripting language that is used inside of the animation program Adobe Flash is called ActionScript.

Those programming languages can't be used outside of the program they were intended for. For instance, Javascript can't be used to save things to a computer's hard drive because that would require going outside the browser and interacting with the computer's operating system. That's a security feature and it's by design. You wouldn't want people to easily access your hard drive and operating system because they could do bad things to your computer. Hackers can still do it, but it takes a little more effort.

Javascript is used to add "behavior" to your web pages. That means that in order to use Javascript, you also need to know HTML and CSS. The most current versions of these are HTML5 and CSS3. You can learn all three languages for FREE at Click Here.


A good topic-based way of learning Java Script by Eloquent JavaScript . Another great one is codecademy.com, Because I recommend it as a great fundamental way to learn JS. Oh! If you learn by a more interactive way then Codewars is certainly interesting.

Be happy my dear...:)

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