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Bijutoha is proficient in SEO, Website Design, and Image Editing. Aside from dabbling with blogging, his favoured creative outlets include link-building, Google ads, Facebook ads, clipping path service, banner design, and other visual media.

photo editing, web design, seo, smm, google ads
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In my journey, I've found there are always limitations. For example, Ahrefs and Semrush can sometimes provide different data on the exact keywords or backlinks. This can be confusing, especially for beginners, and highlights that these tools are estimates, not gospel. The real value lies in **how you use these …

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These need to be opened up, focus on: 1. Compelling subject lines: Grab attention with clear, concise subject lines. 2. Personalization: Tailor content to subscribers using segmentation. 3. Strong calls to action: Clearly instruct subscribers on what to do. 4. Responsive design: Ensure emails look good on all devices. 5. …

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High-quality backlinks from trusted websites are a top-ranking criterion for search engines like Google. The more quality links your website has, the better it may rank in search results. Thus, the most excellent way to build links today is to provide outstanding content others want to link to rather than …

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I've noticed this: We can locate the solution when I submit my website to GSC. ![www-non-www-bijutoha.png](

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My first step in strategizing a plan of action for my approach is to accomplish this. **Conduct a competitive analysis**. Who are your competitors, and what are they doing well? Conducting a competitive analysis can help you identify opportunities to differentiate your brand and stand out.

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I'm using Elementor Pro to build my website, including a custom header design. However, when the same header is applied to a page built with the Kadence theme (specifically the blog page), the design breaks down. ![header_issue.gif]( What settings or configurations within Elementor Pro might be causing the mismatch?

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IMO, digital marketing offers small businesses a vast scope of opportunities to grow their online presence, reach their target audience, and increase their revenue. With a strategic approach and the right tools, small businesses can leverage digital marketing to compete with larger companies and succeed in today’s digital landscape. Small …

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Please ensure there are no technical problems; I've had to deal with this problem occasionally to find a solution. Common issues include **crawl errors, sitemap errors, and robots.txt** issues. Alternatively, take into consideration the algorithmic changes made by Google. Do you not mind? Are there any messages or alerts that …

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At a glance! Improve a website's visibility and ranking on search engine result pages (**SERPs**). This is achieved through various strategies and techniques, such as optimizing website content, building **quality** **backlinks**, improving **website speed** and user experience, and **targeting relevant keywords**. The ultimate goal of SEO is to drive **organic …

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To enhance your on-page and technical SEO, optimize your title tags and meta descriptions, craft high-quality content, incorporate pertinent images and videos, organize your content with headings and subheadings, and include internal links for on-page SEO. Regarding technical SEO, ensure your website is mobile-friendly, enhance page loading speed, address broken …

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Digital marketing offers numerous advantages over traditional marketing methods. It gives businesses a cost-effective, targeted, measurable, and flexible way to reach and engage with their audience, ultimately driving business growth and success.

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Recently, I discovered a solution for one of my pages that was not indexing. I inspect a URL in the Search Console. ![URL_Inspection.png](

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We will touch a new year in the next few days, so yes, I am asking you in 2023 or 2024! Therefore, as an expert, what are some of the most excellent SEO techniques that allow you to achieve the target more quickly? I'm considering Guest posting, Reddit, Medium, and …

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Some of the standard and effective methods I'm applying right now and those make sense to me worth: * Guest posting on relevant and authoritative websites * Using influencers and social media to promote your content and generate backlinks * Researching and targeting the right websites for outreach. * Creating …

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making your site better for search engines like Google so that they can find, understand, and rank your web pages higher in SERP; I mean the search engine result page. SEO helps you get more organic traffic (visitors from …

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Hi MD Mashud Rana, It's nice to meet you! You sound like an SEO-savvy digital marketer. You may backlink many sorts of websites, which is helpful for SEO. I believe in your ability to provide helpful and pleasant information to this board.

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Something useful for a startup I picked up on my social media marketing trip Social media marketing can help small businesses and startups generate brand awareness, increase site traffic, engage with customers, target specific audiences, gain valuable customer insights, and sell products and services. Social media may be an effective …

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Think about how good your content is. People are more likely to connect with something that grabs their attention. Images and videos must be clear and well-lit. And then use hashtags that make sense.

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**Keep a record of your work**: This includes the code and any notes or documentation you create. This will help you prove that you are the code's original author.

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I am currently studying React JS, and my eventual goal is to create a website using React JS that is optimized for SEO. Someone told me using React JS to construct a website will make it less search engine friendly. I'm curious; what are your thoughts? And how will things …

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This website's library of tutorials is constantly growing, so you're sure to find something that interests you. [](

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**On-site optimization**, **keyword research**, and link building are three of the most effective SEO strategies I've discovered so far in my SEO career. Adding your main keyword early on in your content, writing unique titles, descriptions, and content, optimizing your title tag for SEO, optimizing your site's loading speed, tracking …

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It's important to give users web pages that work well and show off the value and expertise of the content. Keyword research and high-quality content are still essential, and you'll need to identify the key trends that will affect the search engines. Content creation in different formats, updating content, and …

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I'm using a 27-inch **HP EyeEase** monitor, which can always have a low blue light setting on, which may be conducive to sleep. Its standout features are the 178-degree viewing angle and 99% sRGB color gamut. In addition to being thin and having clever cable management, it also includes a …

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According to **Forbes**, Web3 is transforming the future of business and is expected to exhibit a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 41.6% from 2022 to 2028. Web3 is envisioned as a “**decentralized web ecosystem**” where users can retain data ownership. Its blockchain-based infrastructure would usher in the era of …

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SEO increases website traffic by improving your website's relevance, trustworthiness, and usability, improving your website's ranking in organic search results. This increase in order leads to more users clicking on your website's link in the SERP, resulting in more organic traffic. Optimizing your website for search engines enhances the likelihood …

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I was wondering if you might recommend a tool to help me achieve these goals in five benefits.

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Many websites offer freelance jobs for your skills and industries. Some of the popular ones are Upwork, Indeed, and Freelancer. You can browse the available positions on these sites, create a profile, and showcase your portfolio to attract clients. I hope this helps you find a freelance job that matches …

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We can use different social networks to promote our business, depending on the goals of our campaign and who we want to reach. I suggest that Facebook is an excellent platform for lead generation, engaging with customers, and using various types of content due to its large user base of …

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