HI All ,

i have an offer table like

offer_id , user_id , no_of_clicks , price...etc

i want to fetch records and show to user like "best selling offer" , "value for money".

best selling offer means the offer which sell more and displaying those offers to users.
but what about value for money offer.?
is there any difference between these two.

how to get value for money records from above table.?

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Are you asking how to calculate to see which is the best value for money? I would assume that that is a very subjective matter unless you have a mathematical basis for deciding. I don't think that we could advise you how to decide what's the best value for money offer without more information.

You don't supply much information with regard to how your systems works. An "offer table" could mean a lot of different things and could be used in many different contexts. I think you need to reframe your question, giving ALL the relevant information.

Have a think about what you're actually asking for and read this: http://bit.ly/Dwebphp