i was using same setting on my sice last 6 months , Now i need to change some things on my site i have changes picturess css style but my web looks remain same , i remove my cookis and cache of browser but still not responsive than i go my friend pc where my site never opens i open my website their but my changes not appear on it. than i decided to remove my all data and reinstal all applications with new settings but each and every thing remains same ,
Now requested my hosting proving to restore my all account they its not server issue cookies always genrate on client side , please tell me how can i fix it and instal my new changes on my site , now i have deleted each and every thing from my side
my web URL is https://www.ptclicks.org

Your link doesn't work?

I'm finding it quite difficult to understand what you mean, but I'm guessing that you've changed some CSS or something and the site doesn't look the same. If so, this has nothing to do with cookies. Theres clearly a problem in your CSS. What exactly were you changing?

Also, what programs/packages were you using? If you used something with a cache built in server-side, that would need to be cleared before users would see your changes.