I have tried different free jquery responsive imagesliders. They do work but the problem is they dont stay confined in the div container where i put them. Looking at the code i see parts which use px instead of % or em. Could that be the reason the dont truly resize to my div ? But since they are labeled responsive image slider they should fit in. What could be the problem ? Thx

Oh boy, there's so many things that could go wrong...
The jquery plugins could malfunction, they could not support the devices/browsers you're testing, you could have implemented them wrong, some css rule might be interfering with the plugins and etc.

You need to give more info about your problem. Which plugins are you using? How did you implement? Which one gave the best result?

The best way to get quick solutions is to show your problem. It's easier to identify the problem if we can test it our selfs.
Or at least post parts of the code you're using.

About the pixels instead of '%', it could or could not cause the problem. The plugin can get the dimension of the window, calculate and then set it in pixels, but it would be actually some kind of percentage.