Is there a way to connect wordpress and dreamweaver together, in an easy way? I have been getting frustrated with templates that I use and now i want to completely modify them so that they fit my needs. I want to be able to make a change on dreamweaver and have it show up on my wordpress site. I have been searching for tutorials but they all say i need wamp/xamp/lamp/and so on with the amp's. I use GoDaddy for hosting.

Uh, I think a local server is required so the template can be processed by PHP.

If you're using PHP 5.4+ then you can start the built in server to load the pages. Open a command line an type:

php -S localhost:8000 -t /path/to/website

More information here:

So let me get this streight:

You have a wordpress site (using a theme) that is hosted with GoDaddy. You have Dreamweaver on your PC, and you want to edit the template files locally and have them sync'd with the ones online? or edit the ones online directly?

It sounds like you're basically describing FTP. I'm gonna guess this is what you mean, but shout if not. If you use something like FileZilla, you can have a local directory (on your PC) linked with the one online. Any changes to the local one and everything on the online one gets changed. It's really easy to setup and there will definitely be good tutorials for that online.

HOWEVER. If you do anything where you're casually editing files that are linked in any way to the live ones (on your WP site), there is every change you might bust something - problem. Personally, I would advise using a XAMPP or suchlike and develop your system locally. This is an 'isolated development environment', so if you bugger everything up the only person that gets peed off is you (and not your entire user audience).

In short, if I understand correctly what you want out of dreamweaver, FileZilla can handle it. But I would advise local testing and just upload the lot when you're done.

hey glad to see you around <m/>. as the others mentioned, you should really consider building a local dev environment, otherwise you are going to make changes to the files individually then FTP up to GoDaddy and cross your fingers hoping you didnt make any syntax errors or other mistakes.

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hmmm, idk where my post went. But yes, i want to setup a local dev environment. It gets a bit irritating going through different steps to just simply upload a file (create project on dw, save it in your computer, transfer to filezilla). I rather just create the file and just save it so that it gets uploaded automatically. I know dreamweaver can do that, but idk how to set that up so that I can edit and customize my WP theme.