I am maybe blind or so... just got nearly the same problem as before. I not get the values of the selectfields. I got 0 - 8 instead of some strings.

Here is the url: http://web159.login-142.hoststar.ch/memberd/de/prices/

Here is my code I use to get it:

# read size of one of these arrays
$count = count($_REQUEST['BX_NAME']);
# loop
for($i = 0, $e = 1; $i < $count; $i++, $e++)
$divers.= "Diver/PAX #{$e}: Name: $BX_NAME[$i] / Shoe-Size: $BX_shoesize[$i] / Weight: $BX_weight[$i] / Heigth: $BX_height[$i]<br />";

I did a postdump and this works, I mean I get and see what I should get.

There's a couple of things wrong but mainly, there is no correlation between $_REQUEST['BX_NAME'] and the values retrieved. If you have 26 divers and the first two are named "Alpha" and "Bravo", I can submit a request for "Charlie" and "Delta" but I'll only get the data for "Alpha" and "Bravo". Your procedure counts how many names I asked for, then gives me the first names up to that count without caring about what the names actually were.

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