can any one suggest me a link where Insert update delete can be done by one view ..

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One view in what - MVC with C# for example?

yes for example one view with MVC example controller and crosopondenc with one view gives option of iud

Any preference on database?

i m using sql server

And any preference on data access technologies - ie Entity Framework ok for example?

i m using framework not entity framework like linq

thanks dave for ur reply this tutorial it ask for add a new POCO ..poco means just simple .cs file in model folder ??????

Essentially a poco is just a simple, plain class with just simple properties. Easy to serialise, no dependancies etc.

POCO stands for Plain Old Clr Object. It was coined from the same phrase for Java - POJO. Sometimes you hear people say Plain Old C# Object - this is sometimes wrong and sometimes a tongue in cheek joke from people with a preference to C#.


well dave thanks for sharing link

now apart from that i wanted to know how should add view model ..right click on nay action method and provide view name ..waht view name should i give because each and every single action methods have differnt name in this link .. this is my first question second question is that please mentione what engine i should provide razor /aspx.also mentione what option i selected like master pages ,partial page ,strongly typed ..i m considering the link u shared please mention each and every thing in the light of above link
any urgent relied is highly apperciated

also do let me know why DisplayMode property of model is not set in index action method ..??

thanks dave for ur reply so far ...yes i m digging it just to get clear cut picture of each and every thing at least in this tutorail..

can u please ???answer

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