dear all daniweb users,
i start using xamarin to create ios software.
in mainstoryboard, i navigate passcodevc view controller to songlistvc view controller.
i use scandit barcode scanner script in passcodevc.cs .
after barcode scanner script, i want navigate from passcodevc view controller to songlistvc view controller. i use this code and did not auto navigate :

var storyBoard = UIStoryboard.FromName ("MainStoryboard", null);
storyBoard.InstantiateViewController ("SongListVC");

try this one too but also not auto navigate :

PasscodeVCViewController *viewController = segue.SongListVCViewController;
viewController.delegate = self;

both code tried but did not work.
i know it it easier use button to create push seque to songlistvc view controller, but i did not want it.
what i want is auto redirect after scandit barcode scanner code(in passcodevc.cs and passcodevc view controller) to songlistvs view controller.
how to did that without push button?
please help me.


tried this one too but also did not work:

UIViewController songlist = new SongListVC ();
songlist.Transition (PasscodeVC, SongListVC);


have you found a solution to the problem

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