dear all daniweb users,
i start using xamarin to create ios software.
in mainstoryboard, i navigate passcodevc view controller to songlistvc view controller.
i use scandit barcode scanner script in passcodevc.cs .
after barcode scanner script, i want navigate from passcodevc view controller to songlistvc view controller. i use this code and did not auto navigate :

var storyBoard = UIStoryboard.FromName ("MainStoryboard", null);
storyBoard.InstantiateViewController ("SongListVC");

try this one too but also not auto navigate :

PasscodeVCViewController *viewController = segue.SongListVCViewController;
viewController.delegate = self;

both code tried but did not work.
i know it it easier use button to create push seque to songlistvc view controller, but i did not want it.
what i want is auto redirect after scandit barcode scanner code(in passcodevc.cs and passcodevc view controller) to songlistvs view controller.
how to did that without push button?
please help me.


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tried this one too but also did not work:

UIViewController songlist = new SongListVC ();
songlist.Transition (PasscodeVC, SongListVC);

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