I want to make an image slider where show user uploaded images from his directroy his directory or folder.

Image slider like this.

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So what's stopping you? What do you need from us? Not to build it for you I hope.

no i have made it but i dont know to use javescript with php.
This is what i made

and here is my php script

            $images = glob($des."*");

              echo '<img id="inslider" src="'.$curruntimage.'">';


            <div id ="userimageslist">
                <div id="moveleft"></div>
                <div id="moveright"></div>
            $images = glob($des."*");
            foreach($images as $image){

                $image_ext = pathinfo($image,PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
                if($image_ext == "jpg" || $image_ext == "png" || $image_ext == "jpeg" || $image_ext== "gif" ){
            //<a href="'.$image.'" target="_blank">
                echo '<img id="imagelist" src="'.$image.'" height="100" width="100">';
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Dont you think it would have been better to supply this info in the OP?

Anyhow, what js have you used?
Where did it fail, (if you know)?
Are you using a library like jQuery or similar?
PHP is the easy bit (dragging info from a source).
JS may take more time to develop.
Show an example of the output in the client (browser) - so look under View Source and copy/paste the relevant output here - just the relevant bits!
That's what js is going to have to deal with.

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Can you do what I asked? I have asked for further info.

i didnt use js.
i use only css php html for create this slider.
and i dont have any idea how i show all users images that he has uploaded like this image slider .

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WIll you be using jQuery or a similar library?

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Well, come back when you do. Or ask for advice on the js forum. You've posted to the PHP forum, which isn't really the place to ask about js implementation.

but images i will get with php or is possibile with js form server ?

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You get images with PHP usually, although you can use js (using ajax) to get images via PHP.
The interactivity you are looking for, i.e. the scrolling, switching images etc will be down to js. I think I've mentioned this a few times now, including via PM. What part of that do you not understand?

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I see that you've opened another thread on this very same issue. Still going on about a "php" slideshow. Look, I don't know how many different ways there exist to say this. Your issue is JAVA-BLOODY-SCRIPT.