Help !

Can someone help me quickly LOL

I'm trying to switch over to a new server & all of the PHP & Javascript stuff is missing :(

See, current server...

New server...

The left nav is missing, the right newscroller is missing & the last date & time updated at the bottom is missing.

Can someone PM me to help me pleeasseee I need this all moved over in the next week as I'm switching over.

All of the files are uploaded onto the current server & I don't understand why it's not showing up.

Thanks so much & I hope everyone is doing well with the holiday season!

Michelle :)

What is the filename of the page that I see here: I checked but it is not an index.php or index.php3

Also, I suspect that the include(); files are missing because the paths are different. Check the include(); functions in the file to make sure they are pointing to correct file.

Another thing, it's NOT a good idea to be showing the ip address for your site like that.

It's not a big deal. The IP address of a domain can be found in a second or two.

Forget abou the domain guys, lets get to her question.

Michelle, I belive you can try this.

<?php include('navbar.php'); ?>

now, the navbar.php is what I am assuming the name of your navigator or what I like to call it, "blocks", make sure you replace the navbar.php with whatever its actually called. Aslo, make sue you change the location of the navbar.php as well incase its incorrect. Like if its in a subfolder or whatever try

<?php include('BOOBOO/navbar.php'); ?>

If you still neeed help ,just PM me and I will take a look at it for you and have it working correctly. Its not hard actually, from the question your needing is for someone to help you grab the navigator and having show up on your new site correct? Right, I also looked at the new site and from what I see, thats what your wanting. All you have todo is include. But, if need any further help, just PM me away. Thats what Im here for.;)

Oh, i forgot to add 1 more thing. I never tried adding any PHP snippets to HTML pages, and from what I overlooked, try making your pages all .php That will give you the extra options incase you want some thing added or somthing which will make it alot easier. Not unless for sure you CAN add some PHP in an HTML page, but i never do that, it just makes it more difficult i think.

It's not a big deal. The IP address of a domain can be found in a second or two.

LOL, I guess it can... I was just repeating what I heard :)