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We have created classified software for real estate market. We could say that software is now ready for additional niche markets. Markets that we are intend to market: car/bike, boats, pets etc

Real Estate version:


It is made in PHP and revision tracking is done through the Git. We are trying to find a solution so we can easily manage new applications. Since they will be based on same framework/solution most of the files will be shared between each application, but some will differ. We update a lot so it would be time consuming to check each revision in all software versions. Branching is not good idea, but if we create new repositories we need to find system to manage files that are shared and those specific to each version. Thanks.

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I am looking into it. Thanks a bunch. Perfect solution would be to create one classfied script that has plugin system that will change type: auto, real estate, boats etc

However, problem is that our real estate software is already vastly specified to fit variety of real estate agencies. We are shooting for less complicated system with more niche options. For now we decided to create new repository for each classified script. Creating custom files specific to auto script and doing merges manualy.

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