How to create simple photo Album in wordpress

Photo Albums Requirements

albums.php to listout Albums
gallery.php to listout images inside selected album

  1. Set Album cover
  2. hover effects for album (
  3. fields to create Albums
  4. fields to upload images

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So what's the question? Anything not working? Be very specific.

Just saying "It's not working" is not helpful, nor a straight "How to create an album in Wordpress".

Hmm, you are not asking for help though, but I think there are more than enough wordpress plugins to solve your photo album problem. You check WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

I'm WordPress Beginner. I used gallery plugins & found little complicated to manage. I just need Album page to display albums on site and gallery page to display images inside selected album.

How to create custom fields at admin to create albums and add images to selected albums?

@hrushi9, if you want a simple album which onclick opens a page which contains all the photos in it, then you can create a new page from your admin panel. Maybe you will name it albums. Then choose cover pics for your different albums.

You then place the cover pics as links in the albums page which when click open different pages containing the album photos. But make sure each individual album cover pic is link to another page which will contain all the particular photos.

This seems a little complicated but its simple when understood.

which fields needs to be created in admin side?

At the admin panel you can add pages; album, then individual pages for your respective albums. So on the main album page you insert images (cover pics for the respective albums) which are links to their respective pages.

So on the individual pages you insert all the photos belonging to that album. You can style this with css or add more advanced features with javascript such as lightbox.

@hrushi9, I think your problem can be solve by creating custome post type and post thumbnails, try research on the topic. Through these 2, a custom tab can be created in admin panel sidebar. Then to display all the related things, please do customize the theme currently activated.

how to write function

 function create_albums() {

    labels = array( );

    $args = array( );

    register_post_type( 'create_albums', $args );


How to create menu to add albums and images

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