Hi I am tryin to get a page to send an email back to the user, I can mail to myself but I want it to take it from the previous page. please help its driving me mad

Cheers Phil


Set cdoConfig=server.CreateObject("CDO.Configuration") 
cdoConfig.Fields.Item(theSchema & "sendusing")= 2 
cdoConfig.Fields.Item(theSchema & "smtpserver")= ""'

set cdoMessage=Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
cdoMessage.From= "xxx"
cdoMessage.Subject="website registration details"
cdoMessage.Textbody ="Hello" & Request.Form("fstname") & " " & request.form("lstname") & "," & vbnewline &  "Username: " & Request.Form("username") & vbNewLine & vbnewline & "Cheers Sharky"

Set cdoMessage=Nothing 
Set cdoConfig=Nothing 


By the way the form that i am trying to get information on has an insert action on it.

First thing to do would be to response.write out you form variables to verify that the form data is being passed through to the script correctly.

Are you getting any errors, or just a blank page?