I know the HTMl and CSS isn't right yet and am not to fussed yet. But the ASP is returning a 405 resource unavilible.

My hosting is with 1&1 and it is turned on.

booking form is here

ASP source code is:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">


Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer") 'create an Asp mail component.
Mail.FromName = "form1"
Mail.FromAddress= Request.Form("email")
Mail.RemoteHost = "mrvnet.kundenserver.de" ' The mail server you have to use with Asp Mail
Mail.AddRecipient "chabrisloire@aol.com"
Mail.Subject = "Gite Booking"
Mail.BodyText = Request.Form("yourname")
Mail.BodyText = Request.Form("email")
Mail.BodyText = Request.Form("datearrive")
Mail.BodyText = Request.Form("datedepart")
Mail.BodyText = Request.Form("booking")
if Mail.SendMail then
Response.Write "Your mail has already been sent..."
Response.Write "Mail send failure. Error was " & Mail.Response
end if
Set Mail = Nothing



all help much appeciated

First you have to make sure 1&1 support ASP mail. Then chack if the mailserver (the host) is the correct one. Many server use localhost as their mail server.

By the way, your booking page is a htm file, not asp.

mail server is correct and 1&1 support it.

Did you get "Mail send failure" notice or error message from server?

Did you use it on asp file or the one you show above (htm)?

Try this to include all variables in your mail (your original script will only send the booking data:
Body = Request.Form("yourname")
Body = Body & Request.Form("email")
Body = Body & Request.Form("datearrive")
Body = Body & Request.Form("datedepart")
Body = Body & Request.Form("booking")
Mail.BodyText = Body

I'm resurrecting the above post hoping that the original posters are still around. I am trying to accomplish the same feat with the asp mailer. The Body & solution worked well, but how do I separate values with a carraige return? I have tried a few things, but am completely unsure as to how I format it. Can anyone help so that the email results will show each item on its own separate line?