I'm creating Frontend for an application with Established database (am rewriting to be explicit and so there are some things I cannot change.

I was looking at Default Register/Login that comes with MVC5 sample and found that its table have fields that are problematic to my app. Specifically, my users don't have Emails and app does not require one. But they rather have strings of username (PK in Existing User table).

So I wanted to know if I can strip those unneeded field to match my table columns my table needs only UserName, Password, MobileNumber, LastLogin, and IsUserActive.

Is there a way to achieve this? I dont real want to roll my own login as I want to use Roles and Integrated Authentication by simply adding [Authorize] into my actions.



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Thanks Pritaeas,
Its interesting that you removed OWIN and the Identity.
What did you use then?
I will visit the links and see what I can make out of them!

What did you use then?

It was partly copied from a FormsAuthentication application on an existing database, so the users and roles were a "roll-your-own" solution. I had no need for OWIN or Identity on such a small project. It was just overkill.

the links are great. My head is spinning at speed of light right now.
I will make use of them later.
For now I will mark it solved!

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