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Well first thing that comes to mind: did you check if src/autoload.php points at something that exists from the directory you're in? :p And do you have permission to read it?


Yes its is in the folder itself. And i have one doubt where we will mention the project folder path.It means inside the "C:\wamp\www\SebastianBergmann" path "src/autoload.php" i mentioned.

but in console we are directly calling "src/autoload.php" file how?


Ok because I do not fully understand from which directory you are calling your scripts, let's make clear we're on the same line here :).

So let's say you have directory C:\wamp\www\x. In x, you have src\autoload.php, i.e. C:\wamp\www\x\src\autoload.php. So when you are now inside directory x in your terminal, calling phpunit --bootstrap src/autoload.php tests/MoneyTest directs to folder src in your current folder, and to autoload.php in the src folder. Is this what you are trying, and is this where you are getting your "autoload.php cannot be opened" message?


Problem solved. i was getting error in command prompt. so i gave full path C:\wamp\www\SebastianBergmann\src\autoload.php instead of src/autoload.php
Thank you minitauros for your valuable time..

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