Hello recently I downloaded dropbox SDK and Ii's located in my downloads folder and it's dragging me to hell how do we install it no proper description provided nor a good details so we would be able to install it can anyone help me out there is no code to be posted so I am asking for help please do not ask me to provide such code as this question do not have any codes

Hi, have you tried this?

The SDK is contained in the lib/ folder in the zip file so copy lib/ into your project and name it dropbox-sdk/ and include it in your app:

    require_once "dropbox-sdk/Dropbox/autoload.php";

Source: https://www.dropbox.com/developers-v1/core/sdks/php

Tried and having this error

Warning: Texy: PCRE 8.34 is not supported due to bug #1451 in C:\wamp\www\editmate\vendor\dg\texy\src\texy.php on line 15

Fatal error: Class 'Dropbox\AppInfo' not found in C:\wamp\www\editmate\app\start.php on line 12


$_SESSION["user_id"] = 1;

require __DIR__ . "/../vendor/autoload.php";

$dropboxKey     = '';
$dropboxSecret  = '';
$appName        = 'puttiapp/1.0';

$appInfo = new Dropbox\AppInfo($dropboxKey, $dropboxSecret);

If you're using composer then the package must be saved in the vendor folder. Run:

composer require dropbox/dropbox-sdk 1.1.*

This should fix the issue.

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