I have a software which demands this extensions on server , i tried by using xampp but failed. In the beginning it demands zend Guard Loader . I have tried to install on xampp but it can't be installed. I have already read this topic and follow and many topics about this read. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25498377/how-to-install-zend-guard-loader-on-xampp

Please tell me the best software by which i run my software on my local machine .

Apache Linux, Unix server or Nginx.
Apache mod_rewrite module ( optional ).
MySQL server 4.0.10 and higher (recommended MySQL 5) with one database and user (with privileges: ALTER, CREATE, DELETE, DROP, INSERT, SELECT and UPDATE).
MySQL "Strict Mode" must be disabled.
PHP version 5.3 up to 5.4 ( since 1.2.4 version PHP 5.2 is no longer supported ).
PHP PDO with MySQL driver support.
PHP GD with FreeType and PNG support.
PHP CURL + OpenSSL support included in the PHP build or sockets.
PHP JSON support.
Zlib Compression support.
SimpleXML support.
Zend Optimizer (Runtime for PHP 5.2 and earlier) or Zend Guard Loader (Runtime for PHP 5.3 and higher).
Cron support.
Mail server.

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The person on the site you cited has already answered your question. In your case, you need to enable another PHP module on your Apache server. You need to find and download NTS version of PHP module. Then you need to disable the TS version of PHP module and enable the NTS version. You can look at how to enable/disable Apache modules here.

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I really don't understand half of this. Is this a list you've copied from somewhere? The majority of these are bundled with PHP, are platform specific (crons) or depend on a stack install.

You should be a ble to do everything with XAMPP on Linux, but not sure about GuardLoader. XAMPP on Windows wil be similar, expect crons are scheduled tasks.

What does this mean?

PHP version 5.3 up to 5.4 ( since 1.2.4 version PHP 5.2 is no longer supported ). Why limit yourself to 5.4?

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Less than 5.5 leaves you without goodies like password functions.

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