I am thinking about installing an SSL cert on one of my domains but only want to use it on a few specific pages where people enter their personal information.

Before I purchase the wildcard SSL and install it, I wondered if anyone could point out any pitfalls to be aware of in my programming.

PHP scripts / MySql DB access....

It seems I remember an issue when going from a secure page to an unsecure page, where a warning message is displayed to the user, or something like that.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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any browser worth its name will throw a hissy fit if you have a page where some components are secured and others are not, which is inevitable if you decide to secure only some pages and not others (unless you plan to also keep copies of all your stylesheets, javascript, and graphics in both secured and unsecured locations, which you shouldn't).

No, secure everything or secure nothing.

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