Is this awfully low at 13 , would you know what this number should it be. Is this the hosting company doing this?

This message is to alert you that you have exceeded your concurrent MySQL connection limit. Current MySQL Connections: 13

Thanks so much ..

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Try explicitly closing your connection at the end of your script.

Thank you , would this give me low traffic ?

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Expanding on pritaeas: MySQL connection will continue to be valid until the server finishes what it's doing. If your server-side code is taking 2 seconds to complete, but the MySQL call is only taking 0.01s at the start of the code for example, you are keeping a connection open needlessly. So, close your connection if you don't need it.

Have you checked with your host with regard to their limits? If you're on a cheap/free shared host, you may be subject to low limits. You usually get what you pay for.

If you are running MySQL on your own server/host, then you can modify the config file and restart the server. I think 13 connections are the default. You can increase that in /etc/my.cnf with this line:

max_connections = <max-connection-count>

You will need to edit /etc/my.cnf and add this line, with <max-connection-count> set to a value that makes sense for your environment.

i am paying 80.00 per month , is why i am asking. I think this is a very low amount of allowed connections for what i pay ... thank you

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80.00 what? Pounds. Us dollars. Euros?

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