I'm really liking the speed, simplicity and freedom of the Skeleton framework. Bootstrap and Foundation , in my mind are the slowest most complicated frameworks. But hey what do I know. Please, you guys tell me what HTML frameworks you like best?

I have to say that I haven't tested Skeleton, I will try it. And about the others: none of those, I prefer Pure: http://purecss.io/

I ended writing my own, very basic, less frustration.

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I've used Bootstrap a lot. I particularly like the responsive grid. v4 (alpha at the mo) looks betetr again. Having said all that - there's a considerable amount of bloat if you're not careful. Will look at skeleton. Thanks for the heads up.

I still consider myself a relative novice with javascript and html. However, once I finally understood the basics, I found the Dojo toolkit to be the most useful: you only load those pieces you need, its widget system is good for creating a consistent UI layer, and the way its DOM tools normalize things between browsers is a great convenience - without the obfuscatory style of several of the other toolkits.

It has a few cons, though. The ones that bite me the most are the poor documentation (especially at the intermediate level) and the relative difficulty of customizing some of the widgets (this is offset by the fact there's probably already a widget that does what you want).