Hi All

I have some doubts while coding in java for the xml reading

below is my xml format :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

-<ab_rsp status="ok">

-<itm title="United States" guid="04570A9A-6066-11E2-BB55-FF519035903F" type="country">

-<itm title="Arizona" guid="A83274AC-901A-11DF-A622-0C319DFF4B22" type="authority">

-<itm title="Academic Standards" guid="9935C580-C0DA-11DA-80AA-DCC515614119" type="document">

-<itm title="Technology" guid="E3E0AD06-FC32-11D9-8407-9AE6FB2C8371" type="subject">

<meta name="year">2000</meta>

-<itm title="Readiness (Kindergarten)" guid="001DCFCC-2A74-11D8-A1A9-EB97E8AED672" type="grade">

<meta name="grade" lo="K" hi="K"/>

-<itm guid="929A5FA4-29E4-11D8-9FDA-DEE83CF00340" type="standard">

<meta name="num">1T-R</meta>

<meta name="descr">Fundamental Operations and Concepts</meta>

-<itm guid="92A019DA-29E4-11D8-94F3-918A2ADD362B" type="standard">

<meta name="num">1T-R1</meta>

<meta name="descr">Communicate about basic technology components using developmentally appropriate and accurate terminology</meta>

-<itm guid="92A2E14C-29E4-11D8-9510-E88CF3390259" type="standard">

<meta name="num">1T-R1.PO 1</meta>

<meta name="descr">Use basic vocabulary related to the use of technology (e.g., mouse, keyboard, monitor, toolbar, menu, window, folder, icon, spreadsheet, word processor, cassette player, CD player versus DVD versus video tape, video camera)</meta>


-<itm guid="92A5BFAC-29E4-11D8-B459-9A03B60B3918" type="standard">

<meta name="num">1T-R1.PO 2</meta>

<meta name="descr">Identify the components of a computer (e.g., mouse, keyboard, monitor, CPU, printer)</meta>



-<itm guid="92A89C36-29E4-11D8-80CB-9286DFCA4E08" type="standard">

<meta name="num">1T-R2</meta>

<meta name="descr">Use input devices and output devices successfully to operate computers, VCRs, audiotapes, and other technologies</meta>

-<itm guid="92AB7870-29E4-11D8-81C8-FBD15B9102AD" type="standard">

<meta name="num">1T-R2.PO 1</meta>

<meta name="descr">Demonstrate start up and shut down procedures of basic technology components (e.g., computers, tape recorders, cassette players, VCRs)</meta>


-<itm guid="92AE5900-29E4-11D8-BADC-9BE3FF051872" type="standard">

<meta name="num">1T-R2.PO 2</meta>

<meta name="descr">Use devices to complete a task (e.g., mouse, keyboard, printer, remote control, microphone)</meta>




-<itm guid="92B11F50-29E4-11D8-8666-D70924C27789" type="standard">

<meta name="num">2T-R</meta>

<meta name="descr">Social, Ethical and Human Issues</meta>

-<itm guid="92B9B4EE-29E4-11D8-8819-C3322442EC44" type="standard">

<meta name="num">2T-R1</meta>

<meta name="descr">Work cooperatively and collaboratively when using technology in the classroom</meta>

-<itm guid="92BCA960-29E4-11D8-A217-F8D5963215AE" type="standard">

<meta name="num">2T-R1.PO 1</meta>

<meta name="descr">Demonstrate respect for other students while using technology (e.g., take turns, share resources)</meta>


-<itm guid="92BF7104-29E4-11D8-9926-9EF61CBC1B4F" type="standard">

<meta name="num">2T-R1.PO 2</meta>

<meta name="descr">Demonstrate appropriate behavior (e.g., use only your documents and folders)</meta>



-<itm guid="92C24E38-29E4-11D8-91F7-D0E3C7F2A956" type="standard">

<meta name="num">2T-R2</meta>

<meta name="descr">Practice responsible use of technological devices</meta>

-<itm guid="92C52BD0-29E4-11D8-9F50-8FC6DBAC1404" type="standard">

<meta name="num">2T-R2.PO 1</meta>

<meta name="descr">Operate equipment to ensure equipment is unharmed (e.g., do not bang on keys; no food or objects near equipment; care for disks and CD-ROM; use proper shut down procedures)</meta>


-<itm guid="92C8072E-29E4-11D8-A2CE-8EBA3106B953" type="standard">

<meta name="num">2T-R2.PO 2</meta>

<meta name="descr">Recognize that damaging school equipment is destroying public property</meta>


-<itm guid="92CAE4DA-29E4-11D8-8F74-80A2BA5F84A1" type="standard">

<meta name="num">2T-R2.PO 3</meta>

<meta name="descr">Recognize that changing someone’s work without permission is unacceptable</meta>




-<itm guid="92EA3CCC-29E4-11D8-A09B-DF874AC58F3F" type="standard">

<meta name="num">3T-R</meta>

<meta name="descr">Technology Productivity Tools</meta>

-<itm guid="92CDC29A-29E4-11D8-9E76-C7CA8D85B9B7" type="standard">

<meta name="num">3T-R1</meta>

<meta name="descr">Use technology drawing tools for communicating and illustrating</meta>

-<itm guid="92D92248-29E4-11D8-B2AD-9AD0B7A1AB7B" type="standard">

<meta name="num">3T-R1.PO 1</meta>

<meta name="descr">Using a drawing program, create a picture story with support from teacher, family members or student partners</meta>


-<itm guid="92D644BA-29E4-11D8-8BF2-D14836F4F6A1" type="standard">

<meta name="num">3T-R1.PO 2</meta>

<meta name="descr">Using a drawing program, add name and letters to illustrations</meta>










I want to get the -<itm title="Readiness (Kindergarten)" guid="001DCFCC-2A74-11D8-A1A9-EB97E8AED672" type="grade">

Node with the three inner child nodes count which you can see in full xml

Please provide me any suggestion to get using java

  1. Learn decent English
  2. Use that knowledge to learn Java
  3. Use that knowledge to learn about the Java XML parsing APIs

this is all quite fundamental. You don't even need to learn libraries external to the core API as everything you need is contained within the core API.

Please don't be upset by jwenting - he's notoriously grumpy.

There are many tutorials on how to parse XML in Java - just Google for them.
As always, Oracle's own tutorials are probably the most definitive, although not necessarily the easiest:

commented: I thought his English was adequate :) +15