Hi Everyone, I need help looking for a script. The script I am looking for is something like a swap/trade script. The script should let everyone do all the basic functionalities such as login, logout, register account, etc. The script should also have an administrative control panel. Basically, the script let people trade/swap items. I am willing to even pay for such a script. If any of you know any scripts out there that resembles what I am talking about, please inform me. Thank you.

You can use CMS scripts like PHP Nuke, Mambo, etc....
Just you require what is a web server with PHP-Support + MYSQL also install PHP MY ADMIN to administrate your MYSQL Databases & you install the CMS Script.
PHP Nuke is not free since a version but you can enjoy the free version for free or if you want to buy get it @ www.phpnuke.org
Note: But you first try the free script then go for the commercial one.

With Regards
Shashi Agrawal