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PHP runs server side so any operation in data before PHP must use a client side solution (e.g. JavaScript) as well (except if you mean that you want to have PHP recognize the bar code from an image file that is really a non straightforward solution) . There are numerous implementations of how to do it. What have you tried ?


I didnt try yet, just reading some tutorials which I can not understand. Thanx Ok I need it in my system, for receiving documents so I use PHP/MySQL.

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HI @pritaeas, yes its kinda like that, but how can i put that through my code? I want it to directly create a barcode. Thank You.


Hi, I really can't understand that, I downloaded the sample but still I do not know where to start.


Did you try the example code on that page? Do you have GD enabled? The code is there, so what exactly is the problem?

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