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I want to track more than 100 sub domains/inner pages at a time with the help of Google Analytics. For example, I want to track a job/employment related website which consist of more than 200 employers and job seekers (approximately). Say if the job seeker and employers registers an account and the website automatically creates seperate web pages with page name for them. I would like to know whether it is possible to track those people with the help of Google Analytics Account?

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You might want to check Google's help pages on Tracking across multiple domains to see if it applies to your case.

Google Analytics will allow you to monitor sites under your control.

Pages can be tracked by page title, but can you guarantee the title will be unique? What happens when different people sign up using identical names?

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@ LaxLoafer - Yeah! It is possible to track each and every individual page with the help of page title via setting Goal. But, i want to know the possibilities of setting Goal for huge quantity of pages, because if we want to set goal for 50 to 100 pages in manual means easy, however, is it possible to set goal for more than 500 pages in manual? Else, is there any other options available to track pages without setting Goal?

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