Im doing a appointment booking site for a project

And Im trying to disable radio button(s) if the sql statement returns true.

User selects a date from asp calendar and a timeslot is in the form of radio button I wanted that the count of radiobutton selection should be stored in SQL and if it exceed count data in SQL the radiobutton should be disable na back color should be red , plzz anyone can help me with this its urgent I am stuck in this project

For example the 10 user can select the same time slot so I was thinking that how the selection count can be stored and then based on SQL query it can be disabled plzz help me I would be very grateful ....

Some typo there? By 10 user, I wonder if you have 10 users?

Anyhow, code your way to the solution. Break down the problem to smaller steps. You have some work to query SQL and then control the radiobutton. Break it down.

There are new members showing up asking for others to write their code. Try showing what you tried.