I have this Image code and I want to resize it using CSS..

           <div id="TA_selfserveprop634" class="TA_selfserveprop"><ul id="FkGjsTFbWr" class="TA_links aICFqBWnArX"><li id="v65BTuNt" class="Id2gL5m3F1"><a target="_blank" href="https://www.tripadvisor.com/"><img src="https://www.tripadvisor.com/img/cdsi/img2/branding/150_logo-11900-2.png" alt="TripAdvisor"/></a></li></ul></div><script src="https://www.jscache.com/wejs?wtype=selfserveprop&amp;uniq=634&amp;locationId=307103&amp;lang=en_US&amp;rating=true&amp;nreviews=5&amp;writereviewlink=true&amp;popIdx=true&amp;iswide=false&amp;border=true&amp;display_version=2"></script>


have tested on CSS however it does not have any effect


Please can any one points it to me where i am getting wrong ?
However when refresh my page it does not have any effect to the page

You are resize-ing the div. What can be done is set the image to having its max-width and height based on its container.

.TA_selfserveprop img{
max-width: 100%;
max-height: 100%;