Im not sure this is right forum so please move topic if necessary.

I want the best cms blog. I dont care if is not free (like vbulletin). Blog must have forum, portal, full module support...

This would be appreciated:
-video module
-audio module
-forum (phpbb, vbulletin or invision power board)
-possibility to install any forum on it as module (like phpbb on phpnuke)
-lot of themes....

If such cms blog exist please give me link of its official site.

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cms or blog? make your mind up.

if its more blogging stuff you want try wordpress (lots of users, lots of plugins, easy to set up)

for more full blow cms stuff i'd recommend joomla and plone


Wordpress just released version 2.1 which makes it more like a CMS as it allows you to have much more control over the homepage.

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