I started new Ecommerce website ..developed in php.(codeigniter)..and it is SEO friendly but we are in only gifting category .but any one please suggest me how attract people to our website.?

  1. You can use Social Media Marketing to attract peoples to your shop.
  2. You can create backlinks with other sites.
  3. You can write good articles about something at your niche and post it to other sites and your blog with backlinks to shop.

How did you determined that it is SEO friendly ?
Have you submited sitemap in Google webmasters tools and everything is ok (no notifications at all)?
Have you 100% score of Google pageSpeed ?
Do you use properly microdata?
Do you use properly breadcrumbs?
Is your site html5 compatible (main , header , footer) ?
Do you have a mobile version in same URL's (or is it even at least what is called “responsive”) ? What pageSpeed analysis says about your mobile experience (not the speed only (that is the first one) but also the experience) ?

I could make 100 more questions , but lets start with those

Google Adwords is a great advertising system for the web. You know the little boxes with the discusting anime games and fake minecraft knockoffs? That's adwords.

You can create link baiting techniqe and update your offers in other portals to gain more traffic for your website.

Provide good offers and deals so that people get more attracted and also avail freebies as an initial marketing technique.

ecommece seo is very difficult but organic seo method use that is good way.