Hi iam working on one scenario.. employe A send a Requesting mail to Project manager B,
project manager B approves a request from employee and send the mail to project manager C for further process,after approving from project manager C it
will go to department head like this...
here A is a reportong to PM B,
and PM B is reporting to PM C,
therefore the mails from A,it has to go to PM C,it should not go to PM B(it should automatically skip),
here it is n level and it should be dynamic

iam storing immediate reporter in table ,i have to fetch this value for immadiate reporter

Any suggention??

Sweet mother of god ....I'm so confused.

So first you said you want it to go from A --> B --> C, and then you said it should go A --> C and skip B?

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Another user who doesn't bother to check his post. This is not a language issue either. If he doesn't care enough to ask a simple question properly, we shouldn't care to answer.

Hi DJBirdi

 sorry if iam not clear,

A is Employee(E),B is Project manager(PM),C is department head(DH),and D is HR
then it should follow this flow.
explanation:employee A(e) sends a request to B whos designation is PM,a project manager B aproves employee A's request and send it to the C whos designation is DH,and like this flow will continue.
Note: here A,B,C and D having different Positions.


if B and C having same designation PM
a person A(e) sends a request to B (pm), who is reporting C (pm),
then it should follow this flow.
A(e)-->C(PM)-->D(hr) (here we want to skip B, because both B and C are having same designation(PM))
Note: the request from employee A directly it should go to C,bcoz both B and C having the same position

i think i have explaind everythn and as per my needs.
any help??

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I'm still not entirely sure what you want here, but:

If you store all of the managers in a database (or array) along with their designation, you can select one person from each management level (1xPM, 1xDH, 1xHR) to build your email chain.

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