I bought some months ago a template of site style. For learn, what is the current way of do that. It took a whole weekend, to remove bootstrap styling from my portal. And now, everything is working just fine, and with same style. CSS is including only what is needed.
Before removal, i had thousands of rows something. Divided between style.css and bootstrap.css. Harder to fix or style new functions.
If you try to add for example table or inputs. Somewhere some styling affects to it. Try to find out, what row....
For sure, my site doesn't deed that much of data. Put site respond slower, cause of thousands readable rows. What im doing with slidings and fogs, when opening page.
So, my question is. What is the purpose, generating massive stylings to sites?
If i'm doing business, i don't care, if some fields looks like "This is the current way to do web-portals". Im more interest, that site is working as it should, and i do not want extra knowledge, services, what generates more cost for site management.

Not sure why you would want to remove Bootstrap. This is the most current and google freindly type of site. All sites now have to be mobile friendly by google or they will not crawl them. Responsive of bootstrap are required for mobile friendly web viewing. Google even has a page to test your site pages to make sure they are correct.
Both bootstrap and responsive web sites are based on a grid system. And once you understand the concept it gets easier to design them in this way.

I tested my site, and response was "Greate. This site fits to mobile device". My target is always check that functions works with mobile as well :-)
My site is more like a tool. For daily tasks and invoicing. I do not want to put users find needed function round blinking buttons and unnessesary graphics. So i do not need there "too fancy" design, for get people buy something.
Maybe bootstrap fits more for web-shops and similar, selling sites.

Just for info.
My style.css had 3250 rows + bootstrap.css 5776 rows before.
Now, i have style.css with 1166 rows. And responsive tags are included.
Isn't there lots of stuff or what, for in reserve!

And, i can see in my eye, how much faster, site response now, as before.

Thanks to Koen "http://koen.kivits.com/articles/pure-css-menu/", i finally get rid of jquery-classes also. 9842 + 16617 rows less readable for server now. This is, how less css needs to create responsive menu for mobile use:

/*-- responsive-mediaquries --*/
.onclick-menu {
position: relative;
display: inline-block;

.onclick-menu:before {
content: url(../images/menu.png);

.onclick-menu:focus {
/* clicking on label should toggle the menu */
pointer-events: none;

.onclick-menu:focus .onclick-menu-content {
/*  opacity is 1 in opened state (see below) */
opacity: 1;
visibility: visible;
/* don't let pointer-events affect descendant elements */
pointer-events: auto;

.onclick-menu-content {
position: absolute;
z-index: 1;
/* use opacity to fake immediate toggle */
opacity: 0;
visibility: hidden;
transition: visibility 0.5s;
background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.80);

Indeed! Bootstrap is an overkill for small or single page websites. There are some that even create simple coming soon pages with it... sigh!

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BS is useful if you have a decent sized site and you customize it. If you download the whole caboodle - which next to nobody actually needs - it's gonna be a monster. If you compile individual downloaded SASS files to a single CSS, it should be reasonable for ensuring cross-browser functionality. If you don't need hardly any of the components of BS - simple - don't use it. Why would you? If you do need a number of components, then get customizing. The alternative to this is re-inventing the wheel and spending weeks if not months crafting succinct novel CSS, or filching snippets from the interwebthingy and pasting them into a library. Of course these snippets rarely form a cohesive entity and you'll spend a lot of time making them look as if they belong together anyway. I'm certainly not a BS evangelist, but it has its place. If you use it, don't for dog's sake, use the default styling (unless you want to look like hundreds of thousands of other sites) - get a theme or design your own. I don't think the authors of BS meant for the default theme to take over the world. Shivers!

Yep, you wrote this open, as it is.
That SASS was new for me. As learning these tehcnologies some time. Maby i learn it also, and apply it to somewhere in my portal.
Just have to be sure, that my site do not crash for any case of updates, or security update.