As we all know HTML5 games is very fast and easy to develop,but there will also be many problems. What trouble you when developing HTML5 games? A function to realize?Project management?I list some choices, would you like to share what is your pain? I would like to make a tool to help you solve it!

For Project Management
1.Version control
2.Source management
3.Code management
4.Others (Please list them!) _____

For Function Modules
1.Plug-in (spine,texturepacker,tiled,or other plug-ins)
3.collision module
4.Physics engine
5.Game publish to make money?ads SDK,payment SDK?And integrate them
7.Effect to realize
8.others (Please list them!) _____

Let me know your opinion!Thanks!

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Right off the bat, I think Hola studio gets slammed because of the spammers. Don't go near that one.

Next, you have a fine list of features. But a google on your question finds shills and spammers. Too bad.

I am not clear what you mean. I just ask my question sincerely, there, IDE means engine, tool ,help develop game .What you see is what you get. Like U3D , but it is for JS

I agree with you that IDE is not equal to Engine, but IDE is as you know the interface, and Engine is the substrate.But I don't agree with you that opinion for hola because you have never used it and do not know what it is.

Your last reply sounds like a sales pitch where a company or such tries to spin new names for old. As to opinion I've used IDEs for over 3 decades so here's a thing. If you are trying to pitch or sell something, avoid alienating your customers. Listen to their opinion.

That out of the way, are you pitching something here?

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