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My links and searchbox in the divs of the header portion with background image is not clickable in IE 8. Is this an inherent IE Z-index problem ? (Though I have given a Z-index 5 for the searchbox div). Or is this a position issue ? (I have assigned position relative to the div).

The page validates in W3C validator. So no html errors.

Where is the glitch ?

Time to check out and see if any feature you are using is either not supported in IE8 or has a caveat.

I feel lost there. Can't make head or tail of it. Also, i haven't been able to narrow it down to any specific feature that could be an issue after doing a lot of research. I have browsed various forums and have drawn a blank. That's y i am here. Do let me know if you have encountered such an issue and know of a solution. Please don't point to links.

Sorry no. For this issue I've had to dive into the HTML, then use the caniuse site to research each feature to see if there are limits or caveats. There are folk that want others to do this work and for that, well I'm about to leave for the day and have other things to attend to.

But I thought I'd share how I work such an issue.

I thought I eplied on this yesterday, but I don't see it.

Anyways... try adding overflow: hidden to #searchbox in your CSS. I see in inspector a weird overlap, so it might cover those links. It's a wild guess and I didn't check it in IE8 myself.

On a side note, if you want to add a z-index, then the element itself needs to be an absolute, relative or fixed positened element. Default position value is static like in your case.