ok ive just started work for a company and second day in they have asked me whether its possible to convert there entire VB6 applications suite to asp.net making it available to run online for their clients. This is my first job outside uni and having played around with asp.net i feel this can be done. Ive been given a floating deadline of 9 months to complete this project which could benefit the company with alot of client interest. So are there any pointers / guides / ways i should go about planning this other than planning a normal project ? thanks for any help

there is no wizard way if that is what you are asking. It will all have to be recoded by hand but is probably doable. Its probably just a matter of adapting and recoding the code for a web environment.

yer i understand that it will all have to be done by hand but just wondered if there are any obvious problems when doing this that i can plan for.

It depends on what exactly the app does

what does it do?

okidoke. content management, simply retrievieving / deleting / editing data in databases (oracle, ms access and IBM db2) also uses crystal reoprts using the data from these databases. That is essentially what the main application does. It also has sub sections such as GIS (similar to google maps) which uses cad drawings and an active x control to display it on the screen.

yeah that aught to be easy to do the database stuff dunno about the rest seems tricky