I'm planning to create a web project, I'm wondering Angular 2 is stable or not. Or Should I work with Angular 1 now ? I scare that Angular 2 is not released now, it means that maybe it has a lot of issues. I really don't want to go so far with my project and have to go back with Angular 1.

Has anyone js experience give me an advice ?


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I just took the Udemy course in Angular 2 (which I highly recommend) and I think we're very, very close to being ready. However... RC4 did a major overhaul to the routing, and RC5 (the current release candidate) added a completely new feature called ngModule for creating hierachies of components...so, hmm. Maybe it's not quite ready yet.

I love it though! It's a really nice way to build web apps if you have the time to learn it. There's a LOT there to learn.

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