I am trying to insert HTML code into my website which will setup a text area that all users can see, edit, and save for other users. I know that the text that is entered must be saved on a file that has be be resident on the server. I don't want this area to be communication between me and the users, but totally between users (although I am one of the users). It probably would requrire a button to transfer the data stored on the server to be displayed in the textarea and another button to store the edited text back onto the server. On this website all of the users are required to enter a single username and password which is the same for all users. Once on the home page several links can be accessed, but I would like to place the textarea on the home page. How do I do this?
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I know that the text that is entered must be saved on a file that has be be resident on the server.

No it can be stored in a DB (probably a better option). The info could be stored on a different server.

No sure if you're on about a straightforward comment system or an editable communal post. I suspect the first one. Have you thought about something like Disqus? No need to store anything then :)


If you go to my website and view what I am trying to do, you can get an idea of my problem. In order to view the contents of the website, you will need the username and password. They are: username: v1_v22 password: svpvolunteer. What I need is really simple. I am trying to establish a "bulletin board" area that my group can exchange comments. I think that it would be more convienent than trying to exchange emails between members. If a text file that is on the server can transfer the text data to the textarea on the home page, a user could edit, append, or delete any of the text and then restore the mofified text back into the text file for other users to view/edit. Why is this such a difficult task?

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