Hi ,
I want to create one product page , on nav-bar when user clicks on product before showing all product it should show one form and after filling form then and then only all products will be shown to the customer.

I am trying to do this in php but cant find solution ,

please help me to get this solve

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Not usre if I'd go down this route, if you've a general products page, just showing a search / filter form - you may miss an opportunity to hook a casual browser. I'd populate the screen with the most popular products as the default.

In order to filter your products, there may be an additional number of options, including pagination and sorting. You can do an "ajax" update, where the page is not refreshed, just the data (products with optional pagination bar) - this will need a small amount of JS too - or a more traditional form submit / reload with the filters and attributes in place (probably no JS required).

Use the GET method (default for forms) where you will be able to retrieve it in the $_GET superglobal variable.

But, show your code