I deleted all my video a few years back and now need examples of my music video creation skills. I've tried several ways to get the videos back but I cannot even find their Youtube locators. Thanks for your time.

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if you ever shared the videos on Twitter then check the Archive.org:

Sincerly, I had difficult to find valid data in those copies but I'm probably doing something wrong. Ask to the archivists, maybe they can help you.

To be honest, I think you are screwed Fred. Deletions from YouTube are overwritten pretty regularly, and pretty quickly. Attempts to recover (even with all the account details and video URLs etc) after more than a few days are doomed to fail. Certainly when you get into 'deleted years ago' territory there is more chance of Trump saying something sensible than you finding your videos. As Cereal says, if you (or someone else) shared them somewhere then there's a chance it will have got archived. However, there's a big difference between your data being archived somewhere and actually finding it; especially when you have precious little information to go on. But then I think you, sadly, know that...

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