Hello, i want to put a Share Button with og:title, description and photo of the post. Also i want to make a invite your friends from facebook script. What item permissions do i need to submit on my developer app page to make them work?

I'm not near my computer right now (just on my phone being an insomniac in bed) but I would guess fb_share? Isn't there documentation next to each endpoint saying what scope is required for it?

**People can share different types of content from the web, though basic links are the most common:

Links - Share articles, photos, videos and other content as a URL that points to the page where your content lives.
Status Updates - Share plain text status updates. These don't link to specific content from your site but do attribute the post to your site. Requires using the Feed dialog.
Open Graph Stories - You can use Open Graph to let people publish rich, structured stories using your app, such as Julie read a book on Goodreads. See Open Graph Stories.**

I know that for Open Graph i must have the publish_actions item. But what do i do for the Links or Status Update? And what the difference between them? Any examples or link for doc?