Php Experts,

I am a complete beginner in Php. Trying to learn Php 7 as much as I can. I need your help to point me to the right direction.
What kind of method in Php 7 is used to track urls belonging to a foreign domain ?

I mean, you all know that searchengines track clicks to links presented by their SERPs. So, if is listed under the keywords "php forum" on Google SERP then when you click on the Google SERP then that link is bound to have Google's tracking link. In short, you'll click the Google tracking link and then get redirected to But once you enter then the links you find on the site would not have Google's tracking links as Google has no control over the linking method inside

However, with anonymous web proxies the story is different. Let me show you how.
First go to:

and type '' to anonymously browse the blog.
Once the web proxy loads the blog, hover your mouse over the blog's links and you'll see all the links contain the web proxy's tracking links even though the blog itself does not house the web proxy's tracking links.
Go to the blog direct and see for yourself and check it out:

Now, view the blog via the web proxy:

and hover your mouse over the blog links and see hether the web proxy's tracking links exist or not. I know the proxy is somehow tracking via the frame or iframe or cloaking technique but ....

Q1. What php 7 technique is it using to create these tracking links so it looks as if the tracking links are hosted by the blog ?
I need to learn how to create these tracking links.

Q2. Which part of Php 7 do I need to learn and can you recommend some tutorial links ?

Q3. Are you aware of any video tutorials on youtube ? What keywords should I search for ?

affiliate linking with php 7 ?
referral linking with php 7 ?
self replicating linking with php 7 ?
tracking links with php 7 ?
tracking via GET method ?
tracking via POST method ?
Anything else ?

Thank you for your help. Your answers would be helpful to all newbies ho read your reply!

I would argue none of this is really a matter of the programming language used. The topics with link tracking and so on are

  • HTTP protocol issues
  • HTTP redirect issues

Any programming language has the same issues with that. Some of what you are looking for also requires work / help on the browser site. This is only possible via Javascript.

As far as PHP goes, PHP has access to the underlying Web-Server data.
The most important piece for your needs is the REFERER field of the HTTP request.

I forgot to mention the actual variable names in PHP. You may also want to look at the cookies. $_SERVER and $_COOKIE are both arrays.



Anyone else have any input ?

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