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Hope I will get the results from the experts.

So do I...


C'mon experts! What's keeping you?

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C'mon experts! What's keeping you?

Sorry. I was busy doing someone else's work for free. I'm here now, chomping at the bit at the opportunity to do even more pro-bono work since I have absolutely nothing else to do with my time.

To the OP: As mentioned, I exist solely to make your life easier. If I can make one eansy-weansy tiny suggestion though, and I know it's above my station in life to do so so please please forgive me, but in order to serve you better, it would be helpful to actually understand what I'm supposed to do. In other words, I've set aside this week to create every possible solution to this problem based on what you wrote. It goes without saying that a week's worth of my time is less valuable than the two minutes it would take you to actually describe precisely what you want. I will merely point out that if you took that two minutes to be a little more precise, it might only take me a day instead of a week, which would leave me more time to wash your car, mow your lawn, and vacuum your carpets.

Eagerly awaiting further instructions,

Assert Null

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dibs on your next week!
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