I want to make knew website but can under stand how to write it . so please help me out .

Dani commented: How fun! Brings back memories +16

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No problem. Send me a PM to get my bank account details so you can transfer £5000.

commented: I think Sarbjit can share their bank details so you can get the £5000 yourself. May as well make it easy on Sarbjit . +12

ping me @ udhaya110@gmail.com

How fun! A typing tutor app was the very first program I ever wrote! Back in VB 6 when I was about fourteen!! I then wrote a typing test app that was hosted here on DaniWeb a couple of years ago.

In what way do you not know how to write it? Typing tests typically calculate speed in terms of WPM, which is words per minute. Words are typically an average of say 5 characters. You could also calculate speed in terms of CPM (characters per minute). Then you'll want to subtract points for accuracy.

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I think this is a "gimme deh codez" post :(

Well, this member joined only yesterday, so I think they deserve to be greeted with a warm welcome, not to mention that it does bring back memories. They joined just yesterday with only this one post under their belt, so I wanted to balance out the reception they received from just a sarcastic comment to at least a "yay! memories!". Let's see if they respond. If they do, yay! If they don't, it still brought back fond memories for me.

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Point taken. I shall keep my powder dry in future. Perhaps just a link to forum rules to point out "show some effort".

Your point is taken as well, as I don't have confidence they will be back. (Please, Sarbjit, come respond to us! We're talking about you!! Prove us wrong! Please!!) However, it can never hurt to try and be friendly to someone, but it can always potentially hurt to purposefully be unfriendly to someone.

I'll repeat myself now: Sarbjit, hiiiiii!! :-P lol.

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I give up :(

commented: Did I offend you? +16

Awww, don't be sad, Diafol. Please? Smile!

Did I offend you? I'm sorry if I did ...

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Skin like a rhino - not offended Dani - you're ok. This post strikes me as an example of the sort of thing we were discussing on a community thread recently. We seem to have very different views about them. I won't hijack this thread by raking over it again, but I'll just leave posts I consider shit-tipping for others to intereact with / report as spam / crap / else. I realise I shouldn't care so much :)

Funnily enough, Sarbjit just PMed me responding to the new welcome to the community message I send out to new members. I'll direct him to this thread.

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Askibg him to respond here because he hasn.t already would hardly be proving a point. However cmon sarb. Get involved. Show us your code so far.

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