I am trying to add custom button in CKEditor. I am using this CKEditor ng2-ckeditor.
It is working fine. but I want to add a button. on cliking this button will add a rails template tag


I can add the button like example below, but I dont know how to write its method. that will inser <%= sender_name %> tag on the current position of text in CKEditor.

    <ckbutton [name]="'saveButton'"
      [label]="'Save Document'"

please help me. how can I do that in angular2 typescript.

I know you must be a little frustrated on the lack of replies to your questions. I can see why when I did a little digging around.

But I do see this editor does have its own forum which was over at http://ckeditor.com/forums and now directs to a new place.

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